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Majestic – VIRAL lashes by FLUTUR 🔥

Discover the pinnacle of lash luxury with our Majestic Lashes, a best-seller from Flutur Cosmetics. Crafted from premium faux mink, these foxy eye lashes transform your look, providing lift and elongation for an enchanting gaze. Within the elegant palette, you’ll find seven distinct lashes, each reusable up to 30 times, ensuring a captivating look for every occasion. Embrace effortless glam and sustainability with Majestic Lashes, your go-to for a regal beauty experience.

Key Features:

  • Premium Faux Mink: For a soft, lightweight feel.
  • Foxy Eye Effect: To lift and enhance your natural eye shape.
  • Reusable: Up to 30 times for sustainable glam.
  • Easy to Apply: With a flexible and durable band.


35 in stock

Customer Reviews


Qerpiket ma te mire qe kam pas najher. Super kualitet dhe stile shume te bukura.


Qerpiket magnetik jane shume t'lehta per te u aplikuar. Me kane shpetuar!!

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