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Futuristic – Transparent Magnetic Eyeliner

Experience a new era of lash application with our FUTURISTIC Invisible Magnetic Eyeliner. Completely transparent yet powerfully adhesive, this groundbreaking formula ensures your magnetic lashes stay beautifully in place while appearing seamlessly natural. No more black lines, just pure, invisible hold. Latex-free, it’s designed to be gentle on the eyes and is perfect for those who seek a more natural finish or wish to wear eyeshadow without interference.

  • Key Features:
    • Transparent formula for a seamless look
    • Strong adhesion ensures lashes stay put
    • Latex-free for a gentle and irritation-free experience
    • Ideal for a natural finish or eyeshadow wearers
    • Perfectly complements all FLUTUR magnetic lashes


Customer Reviews


Qerpiket ma te mire qe kam pas najher. Super kualitet dhe stile shume te bukura.


Qerpiket magnetik jane shume t'lehta per te u aplikuar. Me kane shpetuar!!

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